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Expungement Attorney in Los Angeles, California

Put Your Past Behind You at Last

See How Expungements Work in Los Angeles, CA

If you've paid your debt to society but are still suffering due to your criminal record in the Los Angeles, CA area, you could find relief through expungement. Expungements can clear your record of a range of criminal convictions.

John Goalwin Attorney at Law handles most expungements without a court appearance. Dial 213-319-2677 today to talk to attorney Goalwin about sealing your criminal record.

Clear Your Name

Could Your Record Be Expunged?

In many cases, even if you were convicted of a crime and sentenced to jail time, you could still have your record expunged. Call a criminal defense attorney if you were convicted of a...

  • Felony and sent to local prison

  • Misdemeanor and denied probation

  • Misdemeanor or felony but granted probation

Find out if your case is eligible for expungement by talking to a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles, California.