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Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Los Angeles, California

Did a Motorist Take Your Right of Way?

We Handle Pedestrian Accidents in Los Angeles, CA

No matter how responsible you are as a pedestrian, accidents still happen. If you've been injured by a motor vehicle while exercising your right of way, John Goalwin Attorney at Law can help. We represent individuals in Los Angeles, CA who have suffered pedestrian accidents due to careless drivers.

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Pedestrians Have Rights, Too

Has a Pedestrian Accident Caused You Loss?

According to California law, motorists are required to yield to individuals at crosswalks, sidewalks, and intersections. Drivers who fail to do so may be guilty of reckless driving. Pedestrian accidents are often caused by:

  • Speeding

  • Ignoring road signs

  • Driving while distracted

If your safety and right of way have been violated, get in touch with attorney John Goalwin today.